$3 trillion dollars in spending

Insane Spending: Preview of Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Just weeks after spending almost 2 trillion dollars in what they claimed was a COVID-19 relief bill, the Biden Administration is back again looking to spend more money. They aren’t just going for a few million dollars here or a few million dollars there either, this is more spending than one could fathom. They want to spend ANOTHER 3 trillion dollars of your taxpayer money.

This is one of the largest examples of why we need to band together and provide a serious set of financially conservative voices in Washington. Even before this bill, our federal spending is at a historical high. The Biden Administration proves just how little they actually care about Americans when they talk about spending this amount of money. Anyone that considers passing this bill is admitting that they don’t care about you and only want to spend your money.

How do they plan to pay for it, you may ask? Well the Administration says they’ll only raise taxes on the “rich” and corporations, but how can we trust them? They have constantly lied to the American people and have faced zero repercussions. They told you they would reopen schools, they told you they would be bipartisan, they told you they would promote unity.

Lies, lies, lies. How can we trust Biden to spend this much money and act like he’s not going to wind up raising taxes on each and every single one of us. Oh and by the way, the White House has already changed their stance on only taxing you if you make over $400,000. Turns out that figure was for your entire household income, not just an individual.

Why do we trust this Administration? What have they done to gain our trust?

Now they want to raise even more money to spend even more. They want to blow through money like it’s going out of style. We’re setting all time records for federal debt as a percent of GDP. We’ve never seen spending like this in the history of our nation, why should we stand for it now?

This infrastructure bill will be full of items that have very little to do with actually fixing some of our failing infrastructure. Instead, it is going to go to government bureaucracy and a large amount of it will likely be wasted. There is no way we can spend this kind of money in such a short time period and we need to band together and fight back.

Once the bill is formally put forward, we plan on doing a deep dive into just how much this is going to crush our nation’s financial picture. Right now, all we have is the dollar figure, 3 trillion dollars. 3 trillion dollars. Unfathomable. More money than the federal government spent combined from 1789 to 1970 according to an OMB historical spending publication. In one bill, the Biden administration wants to spend more than the government did in 181 years. Our nation cannot allow this wild spending spree to occur and must stand together and fight back!

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