Less Government Regulation

The United States government has meddled in private businesses for far too long and must be told to back down. Constant rules and regulations that limit what businesses can and cannot do along with the barriers to entry have crippled the potential of our economy and must be rolled back. This issue occurs not only at the Federal level but at the State level as well. Our businesses have been attacked by our own government for far too long via harsh taxes, strict regulations, and in many locations a minimum wage that can put stores out of business.

Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of the national economy and nowhere knows that more than the Mid-Atlantic region. Our region is home to thousands of small and medium sized businesses that have been pushed to their absolute limits by State and Federal governments. With the Biden Administration's push to mandate a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, businesses in our states are going to fall to the new insane bill they will have to pay their workers.

Our government needs to work for our people, not against them. Our citizens need to vote for candidates that are willing to represent them and fight for them in Congress. Mid-Atlantic Conservatives PAC is dedicated to finding proper candidates that are willing to fight back against big government regulation and allow our businesses to operate as they wish. Workers should be paid what they are fairly due, not what the federal government tells them they are worth.

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