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For far too long in this country, we the people have not held government accountable for the insane amount of taxing and spending that our officials have deemed okay. Our government spends and spends on projects, studies, salaries, and everything else they can think to spend the people's money on.

The United States government has not had a balanced budget or a budget surplus since 2001. Every year the government continues to outspend the insane amount of money that they bring in. Revenues have topped three trillion dollars every year since 2014 and yet we still cannot contain our spending to create a balanced budget.

Government spending has taken the people of the United States hostage and our leaders have not been held responsible for these actions. The government has taken over a trillion dollars in federal income taxes 12 of the last 14 years, but what have the people received in return? Many have received far less than they deserve. Government expanded and expanded and yet the value that people are receiving in return has continued to diminish.

Many Republicans that consider themself conservative continue to vote for spending items that far exceed the scope of government. Pork barrel spending being attached to bills continues to add to the government's tab bill after bill.

Republicans in Congress must be held to their conservative beliefs or voted out of office in favor of someone willing to stand up to the spending machine in Washington. We can not continue to spend at this rate and think that it will not come around to bite us some day. Balanced budgets must become a yearly occurrence and not through increased taxes, but rather through curtailing unnecessary and excessive spending.

The United States government must make policy changes to balance budgets, reduce spending, and cut taxes. It is our goal at Mid-Atlantic Conservatives to push for representatives in government that will fight for these principles.


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