Balanced Budgets

There is only one way that the Federal government should be allowed to operate and that is with a balanced budget, something we have not had since 2001. Every year Congress continues to spend and spend without having the necessary resources. This spending over budget is in effect a tax on our future because that money will become due in time. Even without "raising taxes", spending more than we are bringing in is in effect raising taxes.

Our representatives have failed us and are continuing to fail us with every new budget that is proposed.

Congress must be held to establishing a balanced budget every year via lower amounts of spending, not raised taxes. We must cut unnecessary programs and bureaucratic nightmares that our Federal government has created. There are salaries that have run out of control, spending that does not make change, and constant misuse of funds.

Mid-Atlantic Conservatives PAC is committed to supporting candidates that understand how necessary balanced budgets are and are willing to fight to balance the budget in Washington. Our deficits have been over a trillion dollars constantly the past few years and that is downright unacceptable.

Spending must be cut back significantly in order to balance the Federal budget. Conservatives have not stood strong enough on this issue and must turn to fighting for accountability.

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