Lower Taxes

The United States Federal government has taxed its citizens at far too high a rate for far too long. Everywhere we turn, we see another tax coming down on the people of this great country. This point of lowering taxes cannot be done without also lowering spending by the federal government. There are far too many government programs that are either;

A. Over-funded

B. Over-staffed

C. Over-paid

D. Unnecessary

And with the elimination of these programs, the government can reduce taxes down and let the people control their own money. Government should not dictate how people spend their money on programs. If people feel that there needs to be more support for homeless programs, they should be able to direct the money to those programs at their own dime, not through their taxes.

Our citizens must be given the ability to direct their priorities through their own dollar, not through taxing them and forcing citizens to spend on programs they do not receive anything from.

The taxes paid by our citizens are also very skewed, with many of our richest citizens avoiding them through often legal means. Every citizen must see reduced tax rates, in order to fund programs and causes that they feel are justified. Then we will see actual material change in our society and not just the government throwing more money at a program designed to elongate the problem.

Your government officials do not want to fix the problems that they spend money on because then they would have nothing to talk about or campaign on. So many of the problems that government blindly throws money at do not fix the root of the actual problems, yet continue to take taxpayer dollars. Private citizens, not the government, need to work together to fix problems at their root.

At Mid-Atlantic Conservatives PAC, we aim to support politicians that understand that the people know best what to do with their money, not the government.

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