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The United States government has over-regulated our capitalistic markets to the point that many are being suffocated. Government's role should not be to kill business but rather to foster innovation and prosperity. The over regulation of businesses leads smart and intelligent people away from starting their own business due to the high barriers to entry.

There are endless examples of government over-regulation and rolling them back will open up our economy and return us to a state of free market capitalism. When the government artificially interacts with markets, they change the balance of the economy. Raising minimum wage to inane amounts such as $15 an hour is one of the most prominent ways that this is displayed.

A $15 per hour federal minimum wage will crush small, medium, and even large businesses. Many places in this country do not need a $15 minimum wage and if they do the decisions should be made on a local basis, not by the federal government. States and localities need to have the federal government step away and let them control these issues.

If the Biden Administration does raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, our economy will be devastated and jobs will be lost left and right. The Congressional budget office's own study showed that millions could lose their jobs if this were to be passed.

Inflation would run rampant in a society that sees the federal minimum wage over doubled and the price of goods would go up to meet the new minimum wage standard. The real impact would be felt by those that earn around $15 now as they would lose their current higher wages and be lumped in with everyone else, only to see the price of goods go up.

Employees need to be willing to ask for raises from their employer, not from the federal government. This is just one example of federal government over-regulation that is crushing our nation's economy and hurting our own people.

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