Smaller Government

The size of the United States government has ballooned over the past few decades, even without including the stimulus packages that have been passed in wake of COVID-19. Our government spends over 4 trillion dollars a year, often over a trillion dollars more than it brings in! The size of the federal government has gone unchecked for far too long and it is up to the citizens of this country to fight for change.

Our federal government's budget has been growing and growing and has become truly out of control. Since 2009, we have had 5 years in which our deficit is over a trillion dollars. This money will not just go away but will most certainly come due. Our interest payments alone are over $350 billion per year and are only continuing to grow. Interest payments on borrowed money in 2019 represented 8.4% of our total federal budget. (White House Budget Office)

If we had been spending responsibly and following financially conservative ideals, we would not have nearly the amount of money owed as we do now. Many politicians just want to spend and spend without realizing that they are spending the American taxpayer dollar. Countless government programs have been funded with no results, virtually wasting the hard earned money that Americans worked for.

Our government needs a fresh infusion of financially conservative blood that will fight for the American taxpayer to keep as much of their money in their own pocket by scaling back the bureaucratic nightmare that is the Federal government.

Each and every government program that is funded by the taxpayer dollar must undergo a thorough review to find excess waste and unnecessary spending. Washington needs to understand that they are responsible for how they spend the American taxpayers money.

Our votes and our money must go to the politicians that are willing to fight to scale back the monster that is the federal government.

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